If your Nerve deny you—
Go above your Nerve
— Emily Dickinson

What is Nerve 10 all about?

Nerve 10 is an in-depth exploration of how mental health impacts everything that we do. It's more than a mental health blog.

It's an information source and a call-to-action.

Mental health stigma spreads when mental-health information is inaccessible.

And it's not easy to find mental health information that is accessible and easy to understand. Nerve 10 is both.

It's a belief that when information is accessible, when it's relevant to daily living, it will find its way into daily conversation.

Quality Mental Health Information

Nerve 10 exists was created to make mental health information so accessible and so meaningful that it has no choice but to emerge in conversation--the kind of conversation that is comfortable and without pressure or pretense.

Because we can't end mental health stigma if we don't talk about mental health in the first place.

Unfortunately, even when we do talk about it, mental health is often wrapped in negative, fearful language.  And, just as often, it's cloaked in scientific jargon and long, technical descriptions that are not helpful for the person seeking support.

This is a movement to change that. It's a recognition that it's already changing.

But who is this guy Jordan Brown?

Jordan Brown mental health advocate in front of Montana mountain range

My name is Jordan, and I'm a slightly odd, lovably anxious individual making a difference in the world of mental health. I'm the guy behind Nerve 10.

Entering the world of mental health

As typically happens, I was first introduced to the mental health system, not by choice, but by necessity. My mom experienced a sudden mental health crisis that required quick action. I felt totally unprepared to deal with what happened, and I was still looking for answers years later when I stumbled upon NAMI.

Without a doubt, taking the Family-to-Family course altered the trajectory of my life. I realized that I had a knack for helping folks talk through mental health crises. So I committed to becoming a Family-to-Family teacher if the opportunity presented itself. I also vowed to quit chasing jobs closely identified with status and money--and start chasing my passions and my dreams.

Turning challenges into dreams

Mental health is my passion, and my dream is to completely change the way we talk about mental health issues. We talk about mental illness when we should really be talking about mental wellness. 

And that's why I started Nerve 10.

Nerve 10 is arguably the most important nerve in the body. It connects the brain to body structures as varied and important as the heart, the lungs, the intestines, and the colon.

Our mental health, when not properly taken care of, can have similar impact. It can lead to racing thoughts, heart palpitations. It can lead to shortness of breath. And yes, it can even lead to problems down there when you're trying to go to the bathroom.

When you think of it that way, our mental health is as connected to our daily functioning as nerve 10 is to parts of the body.

Giving back

Now that I have discovered what I love to do I'm currently finishing up a graduate degree in social work to spread a new kind of mental health leadership. My goal is to take what I learn each day, month, and year to empower you to better understand mental health so that you can become the fullest expression of who you are.

First time here? Check out the Nerve 10 blog.