If your Nerve deny you—
Go above your Nerve
— Emily Dickinson

What is Nerve 10 all about?

Nerve 10 is an in-depth exploration of how mental health impacts everything that we do.

It's an information source and a call-to-action.

Mental health stigma spreads when mental-health information is inaccessible.

And it's not easy to find mental health information that is accessible and easy to understand. Nerve 10 is both.

It's a belief that when information is accessible, when it's relevant to daily living, it will find its way into daily conversation.

Nerve 10 exists was created to make mental health information so accessible and so meaningful that it has no choice but to emerge in conversation--the kind of conversation that is comfortable and without pressure or pretense.

Because we can't end mental health stigma if we don't talk about mental health in the first place.

Unfortunately, even when we do talk about it, mental health is often wrapped in negative, fearful language.  And, just as often, it's cloaked in scientific jargon and long, technical descriptions that are not helpful for the person seeking support.

This is a movement to change that. It's a recognition that it's already changing.