Poems about Anxiety

Anxiety. It’s not lesser than or greater than other mental health experiences. It’s amorphous. And that’s what can make it so torturous. It’s the feeling of something that’s not quite right but not having the words to describe it. Poetry, by its very nature, can get us closer to describing that imperfect feeling.

These are our featured poems about anxiety. For the rest of our mental poetry, head over to the Nerve 10 Mental Health Poetry Blog.

the mask.jpg

The Mask

I’ve worn the mask.

Have you worn the mask?

We’ve all worn the mask.

Body of anxiety.jpg

Body of Anxiety

Let’s take it from the top


Shame is a Box

Silence, its walls

in my head the only place.jpg

In my head, the only place I really know

Musings about living in the dreamland inside my head

its what's beneath that matters most.jpg

It's what’s beneath that matters most

You don’t see the struggle behind these walls