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I'm Jordan Brown, and I'm the guy behind Nerve 10. Send me a message. I'm a human being, which means I'm wired to crave connection.

Send me your thoughts, comments, questions, hopes, or dreams. I'll respond to prove to you that I exist.

I’m currently open to reviewing submissions from guest bloggers. If you’re interested in writing something for Nerve 10, I strongly encourage you to peruse the site first to get a feel for the type of posts that I typically publish. I want to hear your story.

In other words, let your authentic voice come through in what you write. Your story has value because you alone can write it. I’m not looking for regurgitated, generic mental-health advice that you might find on an established organization’s mental-health site.

I started Nerve 10 to share the stories I couldn’t find on typical mental health sites. There is great value in sharing our experiences. It’s when we openly talk about our mental health that we create a more authentic mental-health narrative. Nerve 10 is about making mental health accessible and meaningful.

Don’t worry if you haven’t published something online before. I’m less concerned about your writing track record—and more interested in how willing you are to passionately and thoughtfully say what you need to say.

I look forward to hearing from you!