A Song for the Suffering

 a suffering woman sees light at the end of the tunnel

This is a song for the suffering

for the ones who have lost their way

the ones who can’t find their direction

can’t find the words they know they must say

This is a song for the aimless

the ones whose paths have grown dim

for you, for me,

for our sisters and brothers

our weary hearts and all our worn limbs

Your road is not predetermined

Your feelings, not set in stone

and although it feels that nothing will change

change is the one constant we know

Did you know that all leaders have suffered?

Did you know why they’re fit to lead?

It’s because they got lost that they found their way

It’s because you are blind that you see

This is a song for the suffering

For you who reads these notes

And it’s the mere fact you’ve made it this far

that proves you have much farther to go