Hi there.

Look, I have a birthmark on the top of my head.

Look, I have a birthmark on the top of my head.

Welcome to Nerve 10.

I’m Jordan, and I created this site because I couldn’t find mental health information on the Internet that I could relate to.

Nerve 10 is where you will find the most accessible, most meaningful mental health stories and poetry on the world wide web.

My goal is not to regurgitate technical terms and generic information—it’s to create a more realistic and helpful mental health narrative.

Anxiety is.

Anxiety is.

anxious woman in dark room looking out window

anxiety is a fickle foe

the webs it weaves

the wind it blows

the empty air, who even knows

the fickle foe, anxiety

anxiety is an open sore

the more exposed

the more it roars

with nagging aches, forevermore

the open sore, anxiety

anxiety is a breathless dream

of restless nights

and bursting seams

spotlight on, sweat that gleams

the breathless dream, anxiety

The Soil of an Island

The Soil of an Island



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