Writing Mental Health Poems

 Man releasing pink anxiety butterfly

If you've spent more than five minutes on my blog, you've probably picked up that I love to write. 

Specifically, I like to write about mental health.

Writing about my own mental health helps me to gain some perspective and make sense of it.

We live in a world where mental health is not a daily topic of conversation.

It should be considering we need our mental health to live happy, productive lives--but we aren't there as a society yet.

I know we'll get there one day, but I do my best to manage my mental health in other ways.

My hands-down favorite way is to write about it.

I've written and shared my writing online for years, and it has been within the last six months that I've made a concerted effort to publish my thoughts on mental health.

What I haven't done much of is publish poetry.

Maybe it's the more intimate nature of poetry, but, for whatever reason, I've shied away from putting my poetry online.

Here's a recent poem of mine. I hope it smooths out the rough edges in your mind like it did for me.

Grab your anxiety--and let it go

Grab your anxiety and let it go.

Feel it’s edges, touch its sides

Know its ridges, trace its lines

Explore its boundaries, as they flow

Grab your anxiety — and let it go

Shoulder its weights

Filter its fumes

Move past obstacles

And through crowded rooms

Unreal identity

Your self ebbs and flows

Grab your anxiety — and let it go.

Peel back its covers

Untell the lies

Retract the visions

And selfish disguise

Follow your heart

Wherever it goes

Grab your anxiety

And then let it go.



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