Hi there.

Look, I have a birthmark on the top of my head.

Look, I have a birthmark on the top of my head.

Welcome to Nerve 10.

I’m Jordan, and I created this site because I couldn’t find mental health information on the Internet that I could relate to.

Nerve 10 is where you will find the most accessible, most meaningful mental health stories and poetry on the world wide web.

My goal is not to regurgitate technical terms and generic information—it’s to create a more realistic and helpful mental health narrative.

Anxiety is Chest Pain

Anxiety is chest pain

It’s a pummeling

It’s a rapid-fire blast

A bombardment that leads to a flutter

The pitter-patter of heartbeats

They come from within

leaving the mind searching

for answers

for anything

to explain why

anxiety is chest pain


I can tell you the feelings

I can show you the signs

but unless you’ve felt it

you’ll never know

this amorphous pain

this nebulous constellation

of tightening and gripping and body contortion


when I tell you that anxiety is chest pain

I don’t really mean that at all

I mean what

you can’t see

My meaning is the opposite

of the words I use

And that’s the problem

That’s why we don’t talk about it


I don’t want my chest pain

to cause your real pain

because I’ve been told

this isn’t real

as if chest pain

is a euphemism

for the land of my make-believe

You won’t get it

until you’re there with me

But anxiety

doesn’t want to be joined

it wants a grasp all its own

It won’t work to defy it

The only way out is through

the chest

the pain

the anxiety

And the last thing

you want to accept

is what I’m saying

and what I’m feeling

And, in that way

You and anxiety are alike

The Ever Afterglow

The Ever Afterglow

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