Hi there.

Look, I have a birthmark on the top of my head.

Look, I have a birthmark on the top of my head.

Welcome to Nerve 10.

I’m Jordan, and I created this site because I couldn’t find mental health information on the Internet that I could relate to.

Nerve 10 is where you will find the most accessible, most meaningful mental health stories and poetry on the world wide web.

My goal is not to regurgitate technical terms and generic information—it’s to create a more realistic and helpful mental health narrative.

The Ever Afterglow

The Ever Afterglow

Life is a rocky landscape

It’s a battlefield shorn by love

It’s a pockmarked desert

It’s caverns of hope

It’s the skies raining down from above


Life, it’s luminous

if you let it

And if you don’t

Dark swallows you whole

You must uplift your life

You must seize it

You must grab by the horns then let go


For your life, you have to illuminate it

Center stage and ready to go

The curtain is rising—and now there you are

In life,

the ever afterglow

Distant Spaces

Distant Spaces

Anxiety is Chest Pain

Anxiety is Chest Pain

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