In search of happiness

 man with wide brim hat walking down dirt road next to farm

On a typical day last year

I left in search of happiness

I buttoned my coat and stowed my fear

Expecting a prize for scrappiness

I gasped in surprise

As the road fell away

And I was left with my bundle of fear

So I wrestled it out and opened it up

And my eyes soon started to tear

I hadn’t prepared to go it alone

I thought I’d be shown the way

I wasn’t greeted, I wasn’t shown

Not a soul appeared to say:

“You won’t find the road to happiness here,
There’s another way you must go
If you follow this path, your route will be clear
And when you’ve found it, you’ll know”

No, no one appeared to help me out

To tell me what I was to do

All I had brought was my fear and my clout

And neither were getting me through

Until I stood up and looked around

To what I hadn’t yet seen

Happiness wasn’t somewhere to be “found”

It was already inside of me