What we see is just a symptom

 a man's hands holding the roots of a small bonsai tree

What we see is just a symptom

Of a deep sickness

Hidden in the core

We look to easy answers

For complex problems

Quick fixes

Not long-term solutions

When a tree won’t grow

It would be wise to care for its roots

Hope is empty

Well-wishes could fill entire wells

With the weight of their emptiness

I like kind words

But I like action more

I want compassionate action

Empathetic leadership

More than just hope

More than just wishing well into wells

When randomness reigns

And what we see shocks us

It’s easy

To pass it off

As aberration

As something wrong

With the individual

It’s harder

To see inside

To what you and I both share


To intractable problems

But even more important

The willingness to take a stand

And make a decision

The desire to begin.