My time as a child, thinking of today

 anxious young boy holding piece of straw looking at a field

I remember, when I was a boy

Thinking things would get easier

That adults knew

What to do

How to act

And what to be

All it takes is time

I thought

All it takes is time

Now I know

That grown-ups

Have the same thoughts

But also have the same feelings

Of fear

Of anxiety

Of loneliness

That children have

They may

Even have more


Like regret and grief

Despair and dread

A child has grown-up worries

A grown-up has childlike fear

A child who learns to outrun

His feelings

Becomes an adult

Whose feelings

Catch him

There’s no outrunning

Something that bursts

From within

Without them

Life is a bore

With them

Life is finding a way

To swim upstream

But only as far

As it takes to learn

That freedom is not in the thrashing

But in the decision

To let go

To let the waves wash over

Like a child feeling the power

Of first time, well-cried tears